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nyethermo on YouTube


Discovery Channel
Turbos- Fun projects always in the making. Appeared in the Daily Planet Inventor Week.


Junkyard wars

Mark Nye appeared on the popular TLC show "Junk Yard Wars".

Read about it in the September 2002 Issue of "Rooster Tale" by the Performance Boat Club of Canada

rooster_cover.jpg (214353 bytes)
See the Junkyard Wars Feature Presentation Article that appeared in the September 2002  issue of Rooster Tale Magazine

Boats and Places Magazine
See the Squirt 2 article that appeared in the fall issue of boats&places magazine.

Extreme Boats Magazine
See the Squirt 2 article that appeared in the April issue of ExtremeBoats magazine.

Hot_Boat_cover.jpg (213789 bytes)
See the Squirt 1 article that appeared in the Hot Boat Magazine

New Scientist magazine  
See the Turbo Turbine Article that appeared in the NewScientist Magazine

First run-up at the shop
NTCinterview on CBC Radio

NTC appears in new book Makers: by BobParks

The New York Yimes

"Under the Spell of the Turbine's Roar" article.


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