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J07-NT-XX    Gas Turbine

CNC machined partgif
J07-NT (Gas Generator).

CNC machined part CNC machined part CNC machined part CNC machined part
Directly from SolidWorks, to CNC. These standardized parts allow rapid tear-down for combustion liner development.

 Combustor Part Combustor Part Combustor Part Spark Plug
Combustor parts.

 Combustion Liner  Combustion Liner Combustion Liner Combustor Assembly
Combustion liner.

Swirl Cap Swirl Cap Swirl Cap
This adjustable swirl cap has five different positions to adjust primary airflow.

Welding the combustor Welding the combustor 
Welding the combustor...
The lube system (NT-LS07).

Test Cell Test Cell Variable Nozzle Ready to test
Gas generator The whole deal Inspecting the Test Cell Test Cell
This is the J07 Gas Turbine in the test cell. Notice the variable area nozzle for load simulation.
We will use the J07 to help us match the gas generator turbo to the PU37 free turbine unit.





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