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JFS 100

Allied Signal JFS100 Gas Turbine Engine

The following photos and information is provided courtesy of Bill Brooks at Microjet Engines  P.O. Box 715 Cornville, AZ 86325-0715 USA.  Please direct any questions or comments to Bill directly. (520) 634-5910

HJT-100 HJT-100


Wt.: 50lb
Dia.: 12"
Lgth.: 28"
Pwr: 150 lbt

Performance & Specifications

Maximum Rating at SLS Standard Day Conditions:
Thrust: 150lbt
Engine Speed: 75,000 rpm
Specific Fuel Consumption: 1.20 lb/hr/lb thrust
Airflow: 2.13 lb/sec
EGT: 1350 F

Cruise Rating:
Thrust: 107 lbt
Engine Speed: 68,800 rpm
Specific Fuel Consumption: 1.13 lb/hr/lb thrust

Bills BD

Bill's BD5 This is Bills BD5 powered by three HJT-100s  (top speed 250kts)

The reverser clams are visible The reverser clams are visible on the center engine in this view.

Bill getting ready Bill getting ready to freak-out the neighbors!

HJT-150 HJT-150 with After Burner


HJT-150 Specs:

Dia.: 12"
Lgth.: 36"
Pwr: 205 lbt
SFC with AB: 2.40 lb/hr/lb thrust.



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