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NT7 Hydraulic Turbine


NT7 is a totally new thermodynamic prime mover concept made with standard "off the shelf" items.

My patent attorney says I can't say anything more about it at this time.  Due to a lack of time and money, I have yet to build a prototype.

Sept. update:

It looks like NT/7 is not totally new, the basic concept is called the Malone engine and was invented by John Malone in the 1920s. The best way to learn about the technology is to google "Malone Engine". I am encouraged by what I have read and would love to build a prototype one day.  I have several new ideas about how to build a good rotary Malone engine.

Here are some of my notes on the subject...


We are developing an experimental hydraulic device that causes an actuator to move in response to changes in the working fluid’s temperature. Details of the operating principal and end use are confidential at this time.

What we need:

Ideally, we need a hydraulic fluid that has a high coefficient of thermal expansion and a high upper working temperature limit. This fluid must be compatible with standard hydraulic components like valves, cylinders, motors, pumps etc.  We intend to use special high temperature seals in all components.

Basic function:

The hydraulic fluid will be introduced to the system at around 90ºf.  It will be pumped into a chamber and heated with a burner or electric element to a temperature of around 300 or 500ºf.  The fluid will expand as it is heated in response to the increase in temperature. The increase in volume due to thermal expansion will cause some oil to flow and move an actuator. The maximum temperature will be governed by what the oil and seals will tolerate before break-down.


  1. What fluids would you would recommend we try for this application?
  2. What are the absolute maximum working temperatures of these fluids?
  3. What percent will these fluids expand as they are heated from 90ºf to their maximum temperatures?

Paratherm NF heat transfer fluid.


I have drawings and hydraulic schematics of the NT/7 design, but I am not prepared to make them public at this time...

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