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We now offer one piece anodized starter bullets for the GE T58.

These bullets are spun from a solid sheet of aluminum and are an improvement over the previous welded units.

We stock clear and can provide various colors on request.


SB101/T58 SB101/T58 SB101/T58

NT-SB101/T58     Starter Bullet.

  • One piece spun aluminum.
  • Polished and clear (or color) anodized.
  • Includes stainless mounting clip.

We now have the proper tooling to spin these from one piece of aluminum plate, no joins, no welding. Starter bullets are normally clear anodized, but by special order you can have your choice of: red, green, blue, purple, gold.

For more information and pricing contact:   or call 905 897 2311 (GMT+5)

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