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Squirt 1

Squirt 1 Low-Budget Turbine Jet-Boat Project.

Squirt 1

Here is the engine, it's an Allison T63-A700

Yoke Installed Yoke Installed Shaft Installed 
250-C18  250-C18  250-C18 
250-C18  250-C18  250-C18 

Relay Board 

Squirt (Left) 

This is the 19ft jet jet-boat we intend to use as a test bed for the Allison.

The output shaft spline is being cut. We should be ready for testing the N2 rotor brake this weekend!

Here is what the output shaft and brake system look like:

All Components All Components All Components 
These are the major components. (excluding the master cylinder).

Update...Drive Kits for  Sale!!!
I have built 3 more T63 drive kits like the one shown here. Two have been sold, but one remains in stock ready for immediate shipment.Contact Mark Nye of  Mississauga, Ontario Canada for more information.

T63 Drive Kits 
The drive kits have been a great success! I have produced a third batch and have more kits in stock. 

Brg housing (side) Brg housing (front) Brg housing (rear) 
The bearing Housing.

Brg Housing Installed Side 
Here is how the bearing housing fits on the engine.

Less Yoke (right) brg_housing_installed_(end) Master Cylinder 
Engine Close-ups.

Broaching the Splines 
Cutting the output shaft spline.

Shaft with Brg shaft(spline end) shaft (Flange end) 
This is the finished shaft with bearing and retainer.

Shaft with rotor and yoke shaft_with_rotor_and_yoke 
This is the finished shaft with Rotor and Yoke.

Frozen Shaft 
The bearing and retainer were shrink fitted with dry-ice.

Brake Rotor 
The brake rotor is 8 X 210mm dia.

This shows the bearing housing, caliper bracket and shaft installed.

Rear Brake Caliper Rear Brake Caliper Rear Brake Caliper 
The FZ750 rear brake caliper.

The Whole Works Ready 
Here is the whole works ready to go. (just add drive-shaft)

The Caliper Side 
The caliper side.

This system has been tested and works slick. The rotor (N2) can be easily stopped when the engine is at flight idle (60% N1) and as expected, the engine can be started with the rotor locked. 


Here is my progress...

Engine Frame in Position 
The engine frame in position in front of the pump.

Engine with Drive Shaft 
In this photo, the engine is in the frame with the drive shaft installed. The whole unit is ready to be slid down toward the pump.

Installed and coupled engine 
The engine is installed and coupled. The yellow piece is the rotor brake caliper, the red cylinder is the scatter-shield for the drive shaft.

Close-up of the scatter-shield.

Air intake under stern deck 
The air intake is to the rear, just under the stern deck. I am still amazed every time I see just how small this engine is. It weighs just 135lbs plus the motor mount, about 750lbs less than the iron 454 it replaces.

Tank and exhaust installed 
This shot shows the oil tank and the exhaust stacks installed. The exhaust stacks are US air force countermeasures for heat-seeking missiles.  The surfaces remain relatively cool even at full power.

Relay/Regulator board Relay/Regulator board 
The panel in the foreground (bottom center) is the relay/regulator board. I have used a battery isolator instead of the original aircraft reverse current relay.

Rear View 
Rear view of Squirt. Old 454 exhaust holes are blanked of with 14ga. stainless.

Rear View Rear View Rear View 
Squirt 1 on the trailer.

The flight deck The flight deck 
The flight deck.

Front View First Run Test 
Front view of squirt just before first run.

Me in the Squirt Me in the Squirt 
Me in the Squirt ready for the first run ever. Most of the interior is not installed yet.

The first trials The first trials 
The first sea trials in Lake Ontario just west of Toronto.  (My first time driving a turbine jet boat!)

Rear-engine dragster Rear-engine dragster 
My brother Steve (right) let me drive his rear-engine dragster, so I let him drive my turbine jet boat. My good friend Kirk rides shot-gun.

Rooster Tail Rooster Tail Rooster Tail 
Rooster Tail Rooster Tail Rooster Tail 
This is why we call her Squirt! At 60 mph the rooster tail is about 150ft long. We get about 1 hour of hard running on 15 gal. of kerosene. Update: On a trip from our cottage in Gravenhurst to The NewArc Marina last weekend (20 km round trip),  I burned 22.5 L of Jet A-1 (this includes docking) I was running around 50 mph, N1 92%,  EGT 650C all the way.

Spooling-up Squirt 
Kirk and I spooling-up squirt for another blast. Here is what it sounds like.

Engine and Pump Scans Engine and Pump Scans Engine and Pump Scans Engine and Pump Scans 
Engine and Pump Scans Engine and Pump Scans Engine and Pump Scans 
Engine and Pump Scans.

Electric Schematic Scans. Electric Schematic Scans. Electric Schematic Scans. Electric Schematic Scans. Electric Schematic Scans. 
Electric Schematic Scans.

Miscellaneous Miscellaneous 


Here is a video of Squirt 1 in action in Lake Ontario:


Squirt works great! The project is a total success!

Squirt was sold and squirt 2 is the next generation of fun in the water.


American TurbineAmerican Turbine, the only jet drive company you need to know about. Thanks for the help Ron.

Avonaero.com  Surplus turbine components.

Hot_Boat_cover.jpg (213789 bytes) See the Squirt 1 article that appeared in the Hot Boat Magazine


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