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Allison 250 C18


Allison 250 Allison 250 C18

250-C18 250-C18 (1)

250-C18(2) 250-C18(3)


The Allison T63 is a free-shaft axial/radial flow gas turbine. The compressor has 8 stages, 7 axial and 1 centrifugal. The compression ratio is 6.2:1, it flows approximately 3.0 lb/s (2,250 cfm) @ 51,600 rpm. The combustion chamber is a single can design. Two turbines drive the compressor and two drive the load through the gearbox (front or rear) at 35,000 rpm. Specific fuel consumption is 0.7 lb/shp/h. The engine weighs 138 lb and produces approximately 317 hp. (2.33 shp/lb) With the integral reduction gearbox this engine will produce 277 lb-ft of torque at 6,000 rpm.

This engine was used on Squirt 1


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