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Turbine Snowjet


T58 in the crate 
This is one of three identical T58-GE-8F engines for the Snow Removal Jet Project. The free turbine section (black pipe) is installed in this photo. We will remove it and fabricate the stator section that straightens out the gasses behind the 3rd stage nozzle.

T58 front panel T58 rear panel 
This is one of the turbine control panels. Notice the electric gear motor (beeper) used for remotely controlling the power lever angle.

The Starter Bullet slips over the starter to improve airflow to the engine. We had to make all this sort of stuff ourselves.

T58 Inducer Screen 
This stainless inducer screen will protect the engine from FOD (foreign object damage).

T58 rear motor mount 
Here is the rear engine mount. It is Laser cut from 1/4" 304 stainless and will form part of the stator assy.

T58 no Screen 
The inducer screen is removed in this photo. We have the engine suspended over the base plate at the proposed 10 deg. down angle.

T58 on hoist over base 
The base plate is inclined with a drain hole to collect fluids and dirt. The batteries mount on the left.

T58 inside rear 
Here is a good shot of the stator and tail cone piece that bolts onto the 3rd stage nozzle.

This is an axial view of the stator we built. It is designed to straighten the exhaust gasses after the 3rd stage nozzle. It also acts as a rear engine mount.

T58 diffuser T58 Inducer Side 
This is another variation of the turbojet conversion. It replaces the 3rd stage nozzle and therefore eliminates the need for a stator.

T58 SRJ inside left 
Here is the engine mounted in the cabinet, ready to go.

T58 SRJ 01 
This is what the finished product looks like. Less the tilt-turn table.

T58 SRJ on the rail 
Here, one of the jets is mounted on a Rail-Bound CAT TH103. It is working in a rail yard thawing switches in Oakville Ontario. (see video clip below)

This shot was taken during a demo for the Toronto Transit Commission.


  Here is a brief video of the Snow Removal Jet in operation:



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